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Troop Information & Education

The “Jungle Fighter” Division held last Friday (August 11, 2017) its regular Troop Information & Education which was attended by Officers and Enlisted Personnel. During the activity, Staff Officers discussed issues and concerns on maintenance of the Command’s facilities, promotion & education of military personnel, cyber security awareness, and policies on the use of social media platforms by military personnel. Lieutenant Colonel Aquino, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics, urged the Jungle Fighters to practice energy and water conservation by turning off lights and other appliances and by closing open faucets that are not in use.
“If all of us will practice the value of preservation, our camp facilities will continuously be well maintained and lessen our electricity and water expenses”, Lt Col Aquino added. Lieutenant Colonel Mabagos, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, appraised the troops about the upcoming promotional cycle for 2017 and the procedure for requesting for extension of service. He also encouraged all Officers and Enlisted personnel to pursue their civilian education (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees) by availing of the 22k, a scholarship program offered by the Philippine Army. Lieutenant Colonel Jadloc, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, encouraged everyone to fully understand the Philippine Army Social Media Handbook for individual security and to prevent appropriate sanctions for violating established regulations. Further, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Communication Electronics and Information System, Lieutenant Colonel Perez shared his insights about cyber security awareness and approaches in eliminating spam. The Jungle Fighters were also given time to undergo Wellness Evaluation Program from health representatives to be more conscious with their physical, mental, and social well-being.  
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