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Troop Information and Education (TI&E)

Troop Information and Education (TI&E) is an important activity held at the Division Grandstand every Saturday and attended by all Officers and Enlisted Personnel from post units and offices. During its regular implementation on August 5, 2017, the Camp Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Vicente Edgardo De Ocampo, discussed rules and regulations that must be observed inside Camp Capinpin. He cited as examples of violations of policies such as improper wearing of uniforms (athletic, BDU, etc). Such infractions will not be tolerated and will be matched with appropriate punishments.
At the last portion of the TI&E, the Command Sergeant Major, Chief Master Sergeant Modesto Adriano, reminded the troops to exercise discipline and to take extra precautions every time they go outside the camp. Other significant issues discussed were camp cleanliness, closure of Gate 2 and the smoking ban.
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