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  • 2ID gives Heroes’ Welcome to Steadfast Troopers

    BGen Romeo G Gan, Commander, 2ID, PA gives his message and warm greetings to the members of 80 Infantry (Steadfast) Battalion.

  • 2ID gives Heroes’ Welcome to Steadfast Troopers

    The Steadfast Troopers in line formation receives Heroes’ Welcome from Jungle Fighters Family as a tribute for their bravery and professionalism.

  • 2ID gives Heroes’ Welcome to Steadfast Troopers

    BGen Romeo G Gan, Commander, 2ID, PA shakes hand with LTC Ted B Dumosmog Inf (GSC) PA, Battalion Commander, 80IB, 2ID, PA.

2ID gives Heroes’ Welcome to Steadfast Troopers

CAMP GEN MATEO CAPINPIN, Tanay, Rizal The 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division gave Heroes’ Welcome to 80th Infantry (Steadfast) Battalion as it returned back to the Command on March 02, 2015 after forming part of the 7th Philippine Contingents to Golan Heights as peacekeepers and security force during the Papal Visit. It can be remembered that on August 29, 2014, members of 7th PCGH were held in a standoff against Syrian Rebels. The rebels surrounded their encampments and were demanded to surrender their firearms, but they resisted and fought back bravely and successfully. Their successful resolve to defend their position and their safe extrication from the area received praises from Higher Headquarters and netizens. It was even tagged by no less than the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines as “The Greatest Escape.” Likewise, the Steadfast Troopers aid in the safe visit of Pope Francis here in the Philippines on January 15 – 19, 2015. The said Heroes’ welcome which started at 8 o’clock in the morning includes the ceremonial handshaking and awarding of Military Merit Medals. It was attended by all Jungle Fighters Officers, Enlisted Personnel and Civilian Employees headed by BGen Romeo G Gan AFP, Commander, 2ID, PA. On his message, BGEN GAN extended his warm greetings and congratulations to the Officers and men of 80IB headed by LTC Ted B Dumosmog Inf (GSC) PA for a job well-done and whose bravery and professionalism brought honor not only to the 2nd Infantry (Jungle Fighter) Division and Philippine Army but also to the country as a whole. The activity was then followed by a Joint Change of Command Ceremony for 80IB and 2nd CMOB wherein LTC Ramil B Anoyo Inf (GSC) PA replaced LTC Dumosmog as Battalion Commander of 80IB while LTC Eric C Guevarra Inf (GSC) PA replaced LTC Rodolfo A Gesim as Battalion Commander of 2nd CMOB. Likewise, in a separate activity LTC Dumosmog was installed as the new Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, G7, 2ID.
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